Review of Week 52- Optimizing Yourself – Report Card for Year of Optimizing Yourself

When I looked back on all the optimizing yourself topics of the year, I found a common thread among them all, and it was improving how I used my time.

My time on earth is short and precious, and a large percentage of it is already used up with sleeping,eating,showering and cleaning.

By setting goals for myself each week, I feel that I optimized the use of my time, and did more activities that I wanted to do, such as spend more time in nature, listening, reading, writing, playing, meditating, working, clearing clutter, visualizing, and being aware. I still have room for improvement on my goals, and will continue to work on them, but I am putting a gold star on my optimizing yourself report card this year, because I feel I came a long way towards achieving my life goals.

This year, I made a habit of optimizing the hours in my life, and added more life to my hours!

Optimizing Yourself – Week 52 – Dec 16 – 22, 2013 – Report Card for The Year of Optimizing Yourself


optimizing yourself report card

Otimizing Yourself Report Card

This week I am going to review the optimizing yourself topics during the past year, and give an update on how improving myself is going this year.  I continue to work on many of the weekly exercises, such as “read more books” beyond the week that I posted the topic, and throughout the year.  I will let you know what my report card for optimizing says next week, so you can see how I did. I Hope you have a great week!

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Review of Week 51 – Optimizing Yourself – Go On a Journey To The Spirit

My journey to authentic power of the spirit began this week when I was about to get in my van one morning, and discovered that I had a flat tire.  I felt anxious when I discovered the tire, and began to think about how I could manipulate events and people to get the tire fixed.  But I knew this was using external power, and I don’t make good decisions out of fear.  So I summoned my inner calm, or authentic power, and formed a plan to get the tire fixed.

I thought about filling it with air, and seeing if it would hold the air so I could drive it to a repair shop, or asking my neighbour to help me jack up the van and remove the tire.  But since it was snowing outside, and cold and wet on the ground, and getting dark, we would have to work outside in harsh conditions.

So I decided to leave the tire repair until the following day.  By being patient, I was able to act with love for myself and others.

My son arrived home a few hours later, and said he was off work the next day, and we could remove the tire and get it repaired at the tire shop.  We dropped off the tire the next day at the shop, and went for breakfast while they repaired it.  Using the authentic power of patience and compassion made the tire repair easy, and we made it fun too, because we had a nice conversation over a meal of spinach salad and eggs while it was being repaired.

Week 51 – 0ptimizing Yourself – Dec 9-15, 2013 – Go On A Journey To The Spirit

Journey to the spirit

Journey to the spirit

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I am going to go on a journey to the spirit.  Since the human spirit is full of goodness, I am going to listen to my spirit this week so my decisions will be influenced by love instead of fear.

In In Gary Zukav’s book, “The Seat of The Soul” he describes a shift from pursuing external power to pursuing authentic power, based on the values of the spirit, such as reverence, compassion, and trust. External power is based on the five senses, and includes using manipulation and control which has caused conflict and destruction.

I am going to practice Gary’s philosophy  of pursuing authentic power this week, and I will let you know how it goes next week.

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Review of Week 50 – Optimizing Yourself – Think About What I Can Give This Holiday Season

Helping others is fun

Helping Others is Fun and Easy

This week, my goal for optimizing yourself was to stop thinking about what I have to do for the holidays and think about helping someone else.  I didn’t do one big grand gesture, but I found small ways to incorporate helping people into my daily activities, so it would be easy and fun.

I decided to double all my tips to restaurant workers and hairdressers this week, to show them I appreciate their service.  I appreciate my hairdresser who cut my hair how I wanted it cut, and the Starbucks barista at the drive-thru window in freezing temperatures who was so polite as he handed me my tea.

I donated blankets to a Realtor who did a blanket drive in his office, and gave our empty bottles to some students who did a bottle drive for AIDS.

I learned that to be kind I don’t need to go out of my way; it can be a habit that I incorporate into my daily routine.

I also found that sharing my good feelings in the form of sincere compliments and gratitude, made people smile, and it was like a gift to me.

Trying to help others this week only cost me $30, and a few car trips.  It was worth it to help others and to feel connected to those around me, and I was grateful that I had something to share with them.

As I got into the spirit of giving, I became more aware of many kindnesses going on around me.

When I drove to Costco in Langley, there was a truck from the Vancouver Zoo picking  up produce.  The fellow told me that Costco donates their day old produce to the zoo to feed the animals.

I realized that there are “random acts of kindness” going on all around me, but sometimes I am too busy with myself to notice.  I am going to continue to look for ways that I can show kindness in my daily routine.

Optimizing Yourself – Week 50 – Dec 2 – 8, 2013 – Think About What I Can Give This Holiday Season

Think about giving

Giving is Like a Gift to Yourself

During the holiday season, I am happy, and thinking about what I have to do and prepare,  but many people aren’t so happy.  This week, I am going to think about what I can give those people who are in need of some help at this time.  For this week’s exercise,  instead of focusing on what I have to do, I am going to think about what I can give, and give unselfishly to help someone else.

I want to give what I can to help others emotionally or financially, with a gift of my time or resources.

Whether I donate food or money to the food bank, or warm clothes to the homeless, or simply encourage someone who is discouraged, I am going to think about giving this week.  This is like a gift to myself because giving to someone else feels good, and has it’s own reward.

I will let you know how it goes next week.

Review of Week 49 – Optimizing Yourself – Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I purged my clutter following the principles of feng shui.  I cleared many items that didn’t have a place, or that I no longer needed, used, or loved.

Those items were providing stagnant energy and blocking the flow of energy, or chi, in my house.  Creating some space allowed new energy to circulate around the rooms.

I started removing items from the carport, because that area wasn’t working.  There were items from a car stereo installation lying around, and once I got rid of them, it looked much better in there.

My purging was effortless, as I was in a calm mood when I started, so my energy wouldn’t be counterproductive.

I opened the windows, and fresh air provided new energy to the rooms.  As I filled up bags with stuff, I sipped a cup of hot green tea, and had fun.

By throwing away and donating items that did not have good memories and fond associations, it made me feel good, and the bad energy in the rooms was replaced by good energy.


Linda Binns – Feng Shui

Optimizing Yourself – Week 49 – Nov 25 – Dec 1, 2013 – Feng Shui Winter Clutter Clearing

Feng Shui

Flowers add fresh energy to your home

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I am going to do the feng shui exercise of going through each room and filling up a bag to give away, sell, or recycle.  The goal of filling a bag per room will help me identify which items I don’t use, don’t like, or don’t have a place for.

In Feng shui, clutter is defined as low, stagnant, blocked energy that drains energy from you and lowers the quality of your life.  Clutter doesn’t have to be overriding your house to be in need of clearing, it is about clearing things that aren’t serving you, and are hurting the flow of energy or (chi) in your space.

You must bring good energy to clear the clutter, such as beautiful lighting, fresh flowers, open windows to introduce new energy, music that you like, and a burning candle for the clutter clearing session.  You can’t clear stagnant energy if you are frustrated or angry; it should be a fun and easy experience, where you can look forward to treating yourself to a nice warm cup of coffee or tea when you are finished.  I will let you know how it goes next week.

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Review of Week 48 – Optimizing Yourself – Getting Ready for Christmas

Tree Lit Up

For this week’s Optimizing Yourself exercise, I followed my plan to get ready for Christmas early, and got a lot accomplished. Starting early gave me time to sort through the decorations in the boxes in the attic. Over the years I have collected too many decorations, so I was able to give the ones I no longer needed to my son’s girlfriend to put on her Christmas tree, and I gave the rest to my husband to put on his tree at work. This freed up some storage space in the attic.

Garland of Christmas Bulbs

Making a garland of Christmas Bulbs

When my youngest son saw all the decorations boxes in the living room, he set up our artificial tree and put the lights and decorations on it for me. I bought the tree for $50 at The Real Canadian Superstore 20 years ago and have set it up every year since. It is a little sparse, but with 200 lights and 100 ornaments on it, it looks full. I bought some wire from the dollar store and strung some bulbs on the wire, making a garland that goes around the tree. This saves time when decorating, and it also prevents the ornaments from falling off the tree when my dog Rocko brushes up against it.


Week 48 – Optimizing Yourself – Get Ready For Christmas – Nov 18 – Nov 24, 2013

I love Christmas, but I sometimes find all the preparations a little overwhelming. I can understand how people dread the holidays if they’re not ready. I feel that this week is the perfect time to prepare, not too early, not too late. The lady that lives behind me put up her Christmas tree two weeks ago!

dinners and parties at Christmas

Getting ready for dinners and parties at Christmas

So, With a little over a month to go before Christmas, for this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I am going to get ready for it early, so I reduce the stress that comes with leaving it to the last minute.

Get Ready for Christmas

Get Ready for Christmas

Here’s my plan:

– Get the decorations out of the attic, sort through them and decide what to use this year
– Put up Christmas lights
– Decide on a holiday budget for gifts and food
– Make a gift list, and buy what I can now
– Write out Christmas cards so they’re ready to send in early December
– Clean out the fridge and freezer to prepare for storing all the extra food over the holidays
– Set up a gift wrapping and card writing center in the corner of the kitchen by the window
– Go through my closet and get my clothes ready for attending parties and gatherings
– Stock up on household staples such as dishwash detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, bread, napkins and beverages.

outdoor Christmas decorations

Getting Outdoor Christmas Decorations ready

By getting organized now, I will feel better when the crunch hits in December, and can avoid waiting in some long line-ups at stores, or searching for a parking spot. I will let you know how it goes next week.

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Review of Week 47 – Optimizing Yourself – Take Some Time “To Be”

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I took some time “to be”, and felt my energy return.

Last week I knew I was physically tired from staying up late, but I didn’t realize I was mentally tired. I was researching for a project, and it took longer than I expected, then I didn’t get the project finished, so my negative feelings about it made me more tired.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, our brain uses ¼ of our energy.*

Once I took some time “to be”, my positive energy returned, and I was ready to tackle the project with confidence that I would get it done.

Optimizing Yourself – Week 47 – Nov 11 – 17, 2013 Take Some Time “To Be”


Take time “To Be”

When the weather turns cold and dark, I miss the light and warmth and sunshine, and my energy and immunities dip, and the way to make myself feel better is to take some time to be.

Last week I was busy dealing with cars – selling one, buying another one, and having another one overhauled, as well as dog sitting and having an electrician working in the house, so it’s time to relax this week.

I am not even going to feel lazy for taking it easy. I am not going to feel guilty for sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket staring out the window, when I could be doing some vacuuming.

I feel that if I work harder, stay up later, and get up earlier, I will get it all done, but I don’t get it all done, and find that taking some time to simply “be” is the cure. This week I am going to take some time “to be”, and I will let you know how it goes next week.