Get Better Gas Mileage With Coconut Oil


You never have to leave the house with this can’t-live-without problem solver:

  • Shines stainless steel wheels tires and grill.
  • Revs up memory and brain function.
  • Removes sticker glue or sap when mixed with baking soda.
  • Cleans your interior – lubes your ears and promotes heart health by increasing your healthy cholesterol (HDL).
  • Energizes your body with the best medium chain triglyceride – lauric acid
  • High octane hair conditioner, skin softener, nail cream, sunblock.
  • Cleans your teeth and your dog’s teeth ( separate brushes are recommended)
  • Replaces your cooking oil with healthier option.
  • Acts as diaper cream for baby and others.
  • Soothes mosquito bites.


It’s the Anti-Everything – Anti–bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti aging, and antioxidant.

Best of all it’s gluten free!painting-1826438_1280.jpg

Note : mileage will vary depending on the vehicle and the above claims are only estimates.

WARNING: Your dog will want to lick your tires!dog-903990_1280.jpg

When your supply runs out, run like greased lightning to get more!

Why Raw Honey Is The Answer to Everything

Raw Honey Is Funny


If Food be thy medicine, honey is the cure-all. There’s nothing it cannot do!

Drizzle it everywhere – up your nose if it’s stuffed, down your throat if it’s dry.

Toss all your hair products! Douse your dandruff and mix it with castille soap for shampoo. Put highlights in your hair with honey and a pinch of cinnamon and olive oil stuck on for 6 hours. Pair it with olive oil to make a conditioner, and stop frizz by adding a teaspoon to your rinse water.

Big Pharma will soon be on its bees knees! It cures hang-overs, dark under eye circles, bad breath, warts and acne.

Proctor and Gamble no more as honey is the sweet new bubble bath, moisturizer and massage oil. Unwanted hair vanishes when you mix honey with sugar and lemon juice on cloth strips. Stimulate hair growth by applying one part honey and 9 parts water to your scalp for 3 hours. A 1:1:1 combo of honey, sugar and olive oil makes a skin scrub.

It helps you sleep, and helps you wake up!

And best of all, it never goes bad!

If you’re still not convinced, see my next article Why Yoga Is the Answer to Everything!


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Thinking About Not Vaccinating Your Kids? Think Again!

Think again about not Vaccinating your kids

Vaccinations protect babies

Despite recent measles outbreaks in Canada and The US, some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated against the disease, and I think they are risking the lives of their children, and others.

My brother got infected with the measles when he was one year’s old. That was in 1956, when there was no reliable vaccine for measles.

He developed complications from the disease – a high fever, then a rash, then convulsions. Then he was taken to the hospital, and he became unconscious, and remained in a coma for three months.

The measles caused encephalitis, (or swelling of the brain), which resulted in brain damage.

My brother was lucky he survived the disease. Some, (like writer Roald Dahl’s daughter), die from measles encephalitis. Approximately one in 1,000 who contract measles get encephalitis.

The doctors told my Mom that it was unlikely that my brother would ever be able to walk or talk.

He struggled with his co-ordination, but, at three years old, he started walking, and he also started talking, but his speech was slow and slurred.
His functioning continued to improve over the next twenty years, until, after attending a special needs school, he landed a full time job, which he continues to work at today, thirty three years later.

Today, we have the ability to eradicate the measles and the suffering that this highly contagious disease causes.

The side effects from the measles vaccine are extremely low, but the risk of complications from measles, ranging from ear and chest infections to encephalitis remains high.

I am so grateful that my three children were able to get all their vaccinations, and I think parents have a responsibility to educate themselves on the facts, and have their children vaccinated, not only to protect the lives of their children, but the lives of others as well.

photo credit: dulcelife via photopin cc