Christmas at The Bank

Presents for boys

Presents for boys

I took my my sons, age 1 and 2 to the bank one Christmas season.  While I stood in line in the dull building, the only sign of life was my two rambunctious boys playing at the children’s play table.  Suddenly my oldest boy shouted: “Mom! look what we found – presents!” pointing to a lighted Christmas tree beside him. My jaw dropped at the mess of shredded wrapping paper beside empty shoe boxes, and their two delighted faces, so proud of their work.  The people in line were bent over laughing.  My face turned the color of mulled wine, as I told the kids to clean up the paper and give it to the lady, and bowed my apologies around to the room.  Every Christmas since, the memory of that story is rekindled and it always makes me smile.


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Christmas at the Photo Studio

Christmas Family Portrait

Christmas Family Portrait

One year, we booked an appointment at The Sears Photo Studio for a family Christmas portrait.  When we arrived, they were an hour behind schedule, so the challenge was to keep the boys quiet and their hair combed.  The waiting room was full of antsy kids with bottled energy and parents with the same refrain:”It’s almost our turn”.  I was distracted by the baby squirming in my arms, when a pregnant pause filled the room, followed by a loud clap of laughter.  I scanned to see the source of such joy…and there at the front counter, was my son, smiling like the Grinch.  He had dropped his pants and was mooning the room and getting the exact response he was hoping for.

I hope you have an “embarrassing” moment with kids to share?

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With 50 million blogs, why another one? You ask

I am adding my voice to the blogosphere because I feel that telling our stories links us together on this wonderful planet.  Sharing those stories of our experience raises the human spirit in the same way that art, music, sports, or any human achievement does.

Why read another blog?  I hope with practice, that my writing will get better, and I can write something that sparks the memory of your similar experiences, make you laugh, or at least relate, and that the exchange will bring joy to both of us.

With turning 50 this year, and my three sons growing older and leaving the nest, although my role as their mother is enduring, my role as their parent is diminishing. At this juncture, I finally have time to write the stories that I have accumulated over the years.

I studied English Literature at university, then began working in finance and administration. Then I got married, had 3 children and got a dog.  I also did freelance work: writing articles for newspapers and magazines, creating and selling print advertising, teaching English to Korean students, and running a resume writing business.  With my husband’s blessing, I also helped my mom and brother.  These experiences will shape the topics of my blog.

I heard about blog writing a year ago and wanted to do it, but how?   Semi-illiterate on computers, I feel anxious when asked to enable a firewall or double click this or download that, so the website is a daunting task.  But, dive out of my comfortable, but emptying nest, I must, to pursue my dream.  With faith I will land safely and muster up my middle aged courage to fly.

Please be patient with this new blogger.  I am advanced in years, but am an infant blogger, and, like my three  boys did, I am taking my first baby steps, and need your patience to gain my footing.  I will know when my writing is working, because you will find a kernel that is amusing or inspiring to brighten your day or cheer you up.

So, welcome along as I embark on the journey of the second half of my life…please wish me luck as I’m going to need all the luck I can get. And thanks for your help by reading this.


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