John Tortorella, Vancouver Canucks’ new Head Coach, is also a Dog Rescuer

John Tortorella, dog rescuer

John Tortorella with one of his rescue dogs

The Vancouver Canucks hired head coach John Tortorella, and an article in The Vancouver Sun said he is an animal lover and dog rescuer when he is away from the rink.

“Tortorella and his wife, Christine, run the Tortorella Family Foundation, which, according to their mission statement, “was created to enable our family to reach out to more children in disadvantaged situations, to help others who work to improve the lives of these children and their families, and to help those who protect children, animals, and our environment from harm.”    The Vancouver Sun.

While coaching in New York, he was involved in the local humane society and at a dog shelter.  He has four dogs, three of them rescues, and tweeted about SPCA events and encouraged people to volunteer at shelters and adopt dogs.

His four dogs were driven across Canada by car to Vancouver,  so they could avoid putting them in cages to transport by plane.

We look forward to see if he continues his benevolent work for dogs in the Vancouver area.

photo credit: New York Rangers, cbsnewyork.

Why Golf Reminds Me of My Dog

Golf is a good walk spoiled -  Mark Twain

Golf is a good walk spoiled –
Mark Twain


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Why Golf Reminds Me of My Dog…..

It starts pouring when me and my dog are on a walk, and there’s no umbrella in my bag.

I feel like I know him, then he does something  unpredictable, and I’m a beginner again.

My grass is full of his divots in my back yard.

He kicks up a lot of sand when he “goes”   in the trap.

I throw him the ball so many times I lose track of the score.

I like spending time in nature with him and getting some exercise.

When I hit the ball into the water, he becomes a ball retriever.

– Ann Hoy 



Paul Casey and The Golf Ball Stealing Dog.

Photo by Russ Kinnaird, Getty Images


Some golf courses allow dogs on the course to clear the greens of geese, and others allow them on as companions to golfers.  Imagine how surprised professional golfer Paul Casey was while competing in The European tour, when a dog ran on the green and stole his ball.

It happened at The Kingsbarns Golf Links in Saint Andrews, at The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, in October 2012, while Casey was putting for eagle on the 12th hole.

A spectator grabbed the ball on the 13th hole and Paul Casey was able to play the ball without penalty, although he probably pulled out his towel and wiped it off first.


Click the link below to watch the Golden Retriever who is a full time valet at the golf course

Greyhound/Husky = “Grusky”


Rocko loves his dog bed

Rocko loves his dog bed


Rocko's getting sleepy

Rocko’s getting sleepy



Rocko learned how to “sit”

All we knew about Rocko’s breed is that he was a husky cross.  But a fellow at the dog park told us about a dog that had visited there who looked almost identical to Rocko, except the dog had a black coat.  The following week, we went there and met Rocko’s sister.  We learned from her owner that he is a greyhound/husky, or as he called him: “a grusky”.



Rocko’s Christmas present – a Waldo sweater 

Rocko The Rescue Dog

Rocko looks like a pharaoh dog

Rocko looks like a pharaoh dog

We adopted Rocko from the SPCA in 2007, at three months old.  He was a rescue dog from Bella Bella on Vancouver Island, who was separated from his mother at birth.  He was neutered and tatooed at nine weeks old by The SPCA. After Rocko’s two siblings were adopted, the skinny, barkless puppy sat alone in his cage.  When we visited the pound, he was behind a chainlink fence, and when we spoke to him, his head turned to the side as if he was trying to understand us, but he could barely hear our voices with the racket of the six huge barking rottweilers in adjacent cages.

When we brought him home, we promised him that no matter what happened in his past, he was going to have a great life in a loving home, and be part of our family.  He had a severe case of separation anxiety, worms, and had puncture wounds on his leg and nose probably from the bigger dogs competing for food, and dominating him at play.  He had never climbed a set of stairs before, and his ears and tail hung down.  Within a few months, his long tail curled up high in a “happy” circle shape and his proud ears stood tall and upright.  Eventually we were able to pet him on the head with our hands without him jumping back a foot in fear.

The Rocko Ages

Rocko's Christmas present

Rocko gets a big treat


People recognize me because I own a special dog!  I am like an accessory at the end of his leash. When we go out for walks, we are constantly approached by his admirers who ask questions about him, such as: “what type of dog is that?  And, “How fast can he run with those long legs?   They ask if he is: “part deer, basenji, dingo, coyote, greyhound, whippet, saluki, pharaoh, or a mix of the above?”   They say: “his ears make him look like a deer”, and: “what a long curly tail he has.” Everyone has their own views on his ancestry and they all love to share them.  One thing is for sure – he is a “people magnet”, with his own “pup”arazzi.