Happy Valentine’s!

It was love at first sight.  His wide eyes observing every detail about me, accepting me exactly as I am, totally in the present moment, no worrying about the future, or regretting the past; simply welcoming my embrace, his warm body softening to the rhythm of our heartbeats, then drifting off into a soft slumber, bathed in a warm sunbeam. 

A warm bundle of love

Ann with her great nephew, her niece’s son.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Ann's niece with her fiance

Ann’s niece with her fiance

Two sweethearts kiss in the forest, while I see a grandma buying a chocolate rose for her 3 year-old granddaughter at the grocery store, and I carry my grocery bags home to cook chicken cordon bleu for my husband of 30 years. All celebrations of LOVE, the greatest gift of all, on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Acting from love, says Oprah, you show: “grace, respect, kindness, forgiveness, cooperation, collaboration and understanding.”

When you’re in love you feel no pain, you’re invincible, quick to laugh, and your light shines on others; its’ beauty creating a ripple effect that is contagious.

Love makes you do the impossible, overcome all obstacles, keep faith in the dream, risk it all, remove all conditions, let go and trust.