One thought on ““Young Men” Singing In Tim Horton’s

  1. Wrong Ivent. The Banks are owned’ by you and me! The shareholders! The insiders, the racketeers employed by the banks are the ones calling the shots! The bank insider racketeering employees, working together with their partners in the racketeering enterprise, the loan brokers/originators, the appraisers, the LAWYERS, were working together in a finely greased fraud machine. These insiders DESTROYED THE BANKS! That is why the financial industry CRASHED! Becasue the insiders deferauded their own employers!, the BANKS! AND the TRUSTS that sold the counterfeit mortgages to! Then the INSURANCE companies who UNKNOWINGLY underwrote the counterfeit loans! Those insurance companies went belly up! Their share holders went BUST! So, it is the average man via share holding in the BANKS and INSURANCE companies, and the INVESTORS in the TRUSTS who were BROKE! The insider racketeers who are stil employed by the bansk are in control, and are now preserrving their rackets and the FUNDS they TOOK BY CONVERTING COUNTERFEIT MORTGAGES INTO COLD HARD CASH AND TRANSFERRING THAT CASH OFFSHORE! The banks were defrauded by their own EMPLOYEES!.

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