Review of Week 49 – Optimizing Yourself – Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I purged my clutter following the principles of feng shui.  I cleared many items that didn’t have a place, or that I no longer needed, used, or loved.

Those items were providing stagnant energy and blocking the flow of energy, or chi, in my house.  Creating some space allowed new energy to circulate around the rooms.

I started removing items from the carport, because that area wasn’t working.  There were items from a car stereo installation lying around, and once I got rid of them, it looked much better in there.

My purging was effortless, as I was in a calm mood when I started, so my energy wouldn’t be counterproductive.

I opened the windows, and fresh air provided new energy to the rooms.  As I filled up bags with stuff, I sipped a cup of hot green tea, and had fun.

By throwing away and donating items that did not have good memories and fond associations, it made me feel good, and the bad energy in the rooms was replaced by good energy.


Linda Binns – Feng Shui

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