Cleaning up My Little Corner

small__3623077649As I cleared the clutter out of my house this week, I threw out some old thoughts with my stuff. I had been equating “abundance” with having stuff, but, as Eckhart Tolle, (one of Ann’s inspirational people) says: true abundance isn’t about “things”, it’s about a “feeling of abundance” within yourself, where you don’t need more things to feel fulfilled.

In his YouTube video “Manifesting Abundance”, Eckhart says: “the sense of insufficiency is a spiritual dilemma. The concept of “not enough” is ego; you are not that needy entity that needs more, everything you need is within you. By raising your level of consciousness above your everyday thoughts by being still, you will learn to love yourself, then you will love others, as you will see yourself in them, and you won’t feel separate but connected”.

He says, by “connecting with the source of all abundance – God, or Buddha, or a universal intelligence, which connects us all, you will see we are all enough as we are, then of course we won’t want to harm ourselves, or others, or the planet we live on.”

I realized that the vicious cycle of wanting more, was preventing me from enjoying the present, so this spawned a new category on my blog called: “Cleaning up My Little Corner”. By shifting my consciousness to the abundance in my life, I can help the planet.

By eliminating the production and transport of excess goods that I don’t need, I can reduce the burning of fossil fuels, and focus on fulfilling my spiritual needs, so I become part of the solution.

By each cleaning up our own little corner, we can each do a small part to reverse the damage to the planet. Then one by one, we will bequeath a cleaner world to our grandchildren.
photo credit: flickr photo pin 3823977649