Blog Road Trip – Change Is The Journey

Blog road trip

Your are changed by the journey

For a successful road trip, it is best to pack light, because the most essential items, such as: curiosity, open mindedness, and willingness to learn, are not found in your suitcase.  These tools enable you to stumble upon surprises on your journey that are so exquisite, they transform you, and upon your return home, you feel compelled to share the wealth of your experience with others.

By attending seminars, panel discussions, workshops, and community events during the past month, I have met people who are working to make a difference in the world, by giving their time, their talent, their leadership, and their money.  Many are also doing fulfilling work and making money.

At institute B in Vancouver, I attended the screening of “Not Business as Usual”, and the panel discussion that followed, and had a guest blog posted on the Institute B website.  Here is the link to my blog:  You can watch the film on their website as well.  This is an organization that is changing capitalism, and creating a culture where business for profit is also purpose driven.

Dj's Deth Klown at Clayton Fest

DJ’s Deth Klown at Clayton Community Festival

At ‘The Surrey Steps Up Youth Awards’, I met the youth space group, who are fundraising to create a safe, sober, space for teens in the White Rock/ South Surrey.  The blog post was published in The Semi-Ahmoo Straight newsmagazine. Here is the link to the blog post –

With stops at the brand new Surrey City Hall, The Clayton Festival for families, The Cloverdale Rodeo, with a 68 year tradition of community pride, and entertainment, and The Louise Hay ‘I Can Do It’ Conference in Vancouver, with keynote speaker Wayne Dyer, it has been an interesting and informative journey.

Blog Road Trip

Learning at The I Can Do It Conference, Vancouver

In addition, I have been following media personalities on Twitter, at  @AnnHoyBlog, who use their influence to make the world better.  It only takes one person to make a change,and it is more about how the journey changes you than the destination you reach. After 242 blog posts, and 200,000 page views on, I am taking a break from sawing to sharpen the saw.  As Burton Rascoe said, “A writer is working even when he is staring out the window”.  Your observations are translated onto the page when you meet like-minded people, like the alchemy that turns base metals into gold.

Taking time to reflect, has helped me plan how to transform my blog to one that raises business consciousness up, as we spend a large part of our lives at work.  More about the blog makeover will follow. Have a great day!

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Review of Week 46 – Optimizing Yourself – Create a Wealthy Consciousness

wealth consciousness

A Wealthy Consciousness

Is it possible to get rich by thinking rich? Changing your thoughts, doing things in a certain way, and having faith that you will succeed are also key ingredients, according to Wallace Wattle’s book “The Science of Getting Rich” which I read for this week’s optimizing yourself exercise. The practical advice in this book still rings true, although it was written over 100 years ago. He says the desire to get rich is the desire for a richer fuller more abundant life, which is everybody’s right. Having money allows you to do what you want, by giving you the tools and resources you need to live a fuller, richer life.

Wattles inspires you to become all you want to be, and it is your right to develop yourself to the best of your ability, using his technique of creative visualization or “forming a mental picture” of what you want.

Wattles says: “… everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development it is capable of attaining. Man’s (or woman’s)* right to life means their right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to their mental, spiritual, and physical unfoldment; or, in other words, their right to be rich.”

Reading Wattles book is what inspired Rhonda Byrne to write “The Secret”, and it is about the law of attraction. Wattles lays out the proper kind of thinking and the specific actions that need to be taken to attract money. He says doing things in a certain way is practicing the kind of behaviors, like gratitude, using your willpower upon yourself, not others, and taking efficient action allow the law of attraction to work for you.

The steps to getting what you want include changing your thoughts and breaking out of the myths and mental patterns that may be impoverishing you. To create a wealthy consciousness, form a mental picture” of what you want, and don’t think about what you don’t want. He says “think of wealth, not poverty. Think about what you want to attract to you, and take action every day to successfully get what you want. Speak about what you want, and don’t complain or criticize, only focus on the good things that you want to have coming your way. Be grateful and thank God for the beautiful things you already have.”

But forming a mental picture is not enough, you must have faith that you will succeed, and take appropriate action to achieve your goal. And, in your dealings with others, give more value than you get, not monetary value, but more use value or help value, and be uplifting and make a personal connection with every man woman and child that you encounter. Also, be positive and aware that everything is working to help you.

By continuing to study the principles in this book, I am creating a wealthy consciousness.

*woman has been added for the purposes of this blog.

Optimizing Yourself – Week 46 – Nov 4- Nov 10, 2013 – Create a Wealthy Consciousness

wealth consciousness

A Wealthy Consciousness

This week I will study how to create a wealthy consciousness by reading the book “The Science of Getting Rich”, which inspired Rhonda Byrne to write “The Secret”.

Rhonda’s daughter gave her the book, written by Wallace Wattles in 1910, to help her recover from her breakdown. It became her inspiration to write the incredibly successful movie and book called “The Secret”.

I will let you know how it goes next week as I work on breaking out of the myths and mental patterns that may be impoverishing me.

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Cleaning up My Little Corner

small__3623077649As I cleared the clutter out of my house this week, I threw out some old thoughts with my stuff. I had been equating “abundance” with having stuff, but, as Eckhart Tolle, (one of Ann’s inspirational people) says: true abundance isn’t about “things”, it’s about a “feeling of abundance” within yourself, where you don’t need more things to feel fulfilled.

In his YouTube video “Manifesting Abundance”, Eckhart says: “the sense of insufficiency is a spiritual dilemma. The concept of “not enough” is ego; you are not that needy entity that needs more, everything you need is within you. By raising your level of consciousness above your everyday thoughts by being still, you will learn to love yourself, then you will love others, as you will see yourself in them, and you won’t feel separate but connected”.

He says, by “connecting with the source of all abundance – God, or Buddha, or a universal intelligence, which connects us all, you will see we are all enough as we are, then of course we won’t want to harm ourselves, or others, or the planet we live on.”

I realized that the vicious cycle of wanting more, was preventing me from enjoying the present, so this spawned a new category on my blog called: “Cleaning up My Little Corner”. By shifting my consciousness to the abundance in my life, I can help the planet.

By eliminating the production and transport of excess goods that I don’t need, I can reduce the burning of fossil fuels, and focus on fulfilling my spiritual needs, so I become part of the solution.

By each cleaning up our own little corner, we can each do a small part to reverse the damage to the planet. Then one by one, we will bequeath a cleaner world to our grandchildren.
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