Review of Week 44 – Optimizing Yourself – Satisfy The Mind to End Food Cravings

Mind stops food cravings

Your mind stops the craving

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I became conscious of my eating habits. I normally eat a limited quantity of food during the day, then crave snacks in the evening. Deepak Chopra says when you reach for a snack, stop for a moment and ask yourself why you are eating it. If you are not too physically hungry, are you bored, or stressed, or something else?

I tried this technique this week and found that stopping to think about my snacking helped. A few times I changed my pattern, and went away from the kitchen and satisfied my mind by listening to some soothing music and I forgot about food.

photo credit: Hillary Stein via photopin cc

Optimizing Yourself – Week 44 – Oct 21 – 27, 2913 – Satisfy the Mind to End Food Cravings

The mind is the key to loosing weight. When the mind is satisfied, the body quits craving too much food

Deepak Chopra 

Since my diet hasn’t been going too well lately, I am going to take Deepak Chopra’s advice and try a different approach and focus on satisfying my mind, so my cravings for food at night will stop. I will let you know how it goes next week.