How A Girl With No Green Thumb Started Growing Basil Plants

Learning to grow basil

I don’t know how to grow vegetables, but I love cooking with fresh basil, so I buy potted basil plants and pick off the leaves, and within a week the plants die.

Learning to grow basil

After killing basil plants on six occasions, I finally decided to ask the lady at the farm market how to keep basil plants growing.

She said the plant likes sun and warmth during the day, but doesn’t like the cold at night.

She advised me to re-pot the plant in a pot twice the size of the one it comes in, and bring it inside at night.

Well, not gonna happen! I don’t like bringing bugs inside!

When I got home, I couldn’t find a bigger pot to re-pot it in, but I did keep it warm at night by hanging it on a fence outside the door and covering it with a dishcloth that acted like a snuggly little blanket.

learning to grow basil

The next day I re-potted the basil plant in a huge pot – a raised garden bed tucked beside the lettuce that doesn’t mind sleeping out all night in the Canadian spring weather.

But I gave the basil special treatment by covering it with a plastic bag at night.

learning to grow basil


The lady at the market shared another secret with me. She said to only pick the top leaves off the plant, and don’t touch the bottom leaves and it will grow more leaves. Now, after I pick some leaves off the top, new little leaves grow quickly to replace them.

This way I always have a bit more basil for pasta and pizza when I need some. 🙂

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How To Make a Tealight Snowman

tealight snowman

Enjoying warm hot chocolate while making a tealight snowman

I went to a craft fair on Friday, and for $5.00 admission, I had a great time. I love supporting the work of local crafters and artists, and the creative atmosphere at the fair inspires me with ideas.  I bought some nice handmade shortbread cookies and hot chocolate, and l saw the cutest craft that I could make at home and I wanted to share with you – a snowman ornament made from an l.e.d tea light.

I found this video which shows how easy it is to make a tealight snowman.  You can hang it as an ornament, or attach a name tag to it and use it as a place card for a guest at the table.   These lights can be bought at the dollar store, and this is an easy craft to make with children as long as they are supervised while using the glue gun.

photo credit: <a href=””>Bunches and Bits {Karina}</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>