Changing from Thinking Small to Thinking Big with My Career – Week one – 52 Weeks to Optimizing Yourself

Thinking Big with my career

Thinking Big with my career

For ‘52 Weeks to Optimizing Yourself’ in 2014, I am going to think big when working on my weekly goals to improve my life in the areas of: personal, financial, career, fun, relationships, intellectual, physical, mental, spiritual and health.

We have a natural desire to expand our lives and attract more good into them, and the higher we aim, the more good we will attract.

For Week One of optimizing yourself, I am going to expand my thinking and think big with my career. My three sons are getting older, and my youngest son will be finishing high school this year, which gives me more time to lunge into my career goals in a big way, so I am gathering the tools I need to help me do so.

I received a book on success in business as a gift last month, which I am going to read this week, and learn ways to think big with upgrading my website, blog and writing, and improve my online social media presence, and also learn tips on marketing, negotiating and presentation.

I will let you know how thinking big about my career goes next week.

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Review of Week 41 – Bettering Yourself – Make My Tomorrows Magnificent


I studied the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne this week, and the story of one of its’ contributors, Bob Proctor who  built a multi-million dollar company, although he had been working as a firefighter a few years earlier and was in debt the equivalent of a year and half’s salary.  He says he accomplished everything with the power of his mind.

According to Bob, the majority of us live in the 97 percent who haven’t achieved their dream life, and to get what we want, we have to know what we want, believe we can achieve our dream, visualize it in our mind, and be willing to pay the price to achieve it.

For this week’s bettering yourself exercise, I have been sorting out what I want to improve  in my life, and eliminating the obstacles in my mind to getting it. He says repeat your dream to yourself and visualize it in your mind three times a day for 90 days to make it stick.

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