All Boys are Superstars

All Boys are Superstars


My three adult sons,  ages 18, 21 and 22, experienced challenges and triumphs as they grew into young men, but fellow Canadian Justin Bieber became a man with the eyes of the world watching and reporting on his every move.  This week he apologized for his actions of the past year on The Ellen Degeneres show, and I wrote this poem for him.

Boy Star

By: Ann Hoy

All boys are stars
In the stellar nursery
Of the night sky
Soothing lullabies of light,
The North Star is bright

You were fourteen
When ascending the sun
Your childhood done
Adolescent superstar
Pushed up way too far

You could not shine
Without the darkness of night
And your boy light
Flashed into a mature man
In the frying pan

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10 Reasons Why I Should Adopt Justin Bieber

10 Reasons Why I should Adopt Justin Bieber

Time to step back and gain perspective?

1. He needs a family to live with. My husband and I have been married for 31 years and we have three well-adjusted sons close to his age.

2. He will gain some perspective on his life if he lives at our house. He spent his adolescence performing, rehearsing, living out of a suitcase, and making more money than he could handle. By stepping back from the music industry, he will see that people around him don’t recognize he is heading for burnout, as his self-destructive behaviour indicates.

3. Our house rules are simple – have fun without hurting yourself or others, and obey the law. If you drink alcohol, do it in moderation, and call a taxi, or walk home, so you don’t injure yourself and others.

4. He can sing and jam in our home recording studio. His three new brothers need a good lead singer for their rock band, and they can do the recording and mix and produce the songs. They can also make electronic dance music for his dance moves. Afterwards, they can have some spaghetti. Eating fast food while on tour makes your body tired.

5. We will remind him to treat people with respect if he forgets.

6. His adoptive dad will lead by example, and won’t confuse him by participating in bad boy behavior with him. You have many friends to party with, but only one dad to guide you.

7. He will be free to go shopping at the local shopping mall, without paparazzi sitting on his car so he can’t leave the parking lot safely.

8. He can get back into playing hockey when he’s living in Canada with his adoptive brothers. He can go with them when they rent the ice, play drop-in hockey, or throw the net in the back of the truck and have a scrimmage on a local frozen pond. One of them is even a goalie! He can have some fun with his peers before he is back working from dawn to dusk on a fifty city tour on five continents.

9. There are lots of good addiction treatment centres nearby us, and TMZ doesn’t have to know which one he signs into.

10. His mom loves him and wants him to be happy.

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