Happy Labour Day Canada!

fighting for fairness - labor day

fighting for fairness

On the first Monday in September, Canadians celebrate Labour Day, in honor of the workers who build the countries’ roads and bridges, hospitals and schools, and serve in the public and private sector in numerous roles such as: firefighters, police, farmers and retailers; all contributors to society and the economy.

Labour Day in Canada began in 1872, when workers held a demonstration parade campaigning for fairness in the work place, a 9 hour work day, and the right to join a union and go on strike without being imprisoned.

The huge public support for the ongoing demonstrations prompted Prime Minister John A Macdonald to promise to repeal all laws against trade unions.

Trade unions brought safer workplaces, improved working conditions and higher wages and benefit plans. By 1883, the Canadian Labour Congress was founded.

*source: Surrey Now newspaper & www.timeanddate.com

photo credit: Copper Kettle via photopin cc