Review of Week 12 – Going BIG with Creating Positive Self-Talk

Changing to positive self-talk

Do is better than try

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I changed to using positive self-talk words like: do, choose, proud, make, and when, on my to-do list, to motivate me to get tasks accomplished.

Using decisive words left no doubt in my mind that I was going to accomplish tasks, helped me tackle little tasks easily, and the big ones didn’t seem as intimidating.

Do – ask for help to lift up a king size wooden futon frame and clean under it.

Choose – to eat meals at regular intervals and not skip meals

Proud – feeling proud and reflecting on the things I have worked hard to achieve instead of downplaying them.

Making time instead of not having time – By leaving no doubt that I was going to get a lot done, I completed a big sewing project this week, mailed items at the post office, ordered flowers for someone, bought computer software that I needed, wrapped items, had a celebration, printed off applications and helped fill them out, provided transportation to outings, and sorted through cupboards, drawers and closets.

photo credit: timoni via photopin cc

How To Make a Tealight Snowman

tealight snowman

Enjoying warm hot chocolate while making a tealight snowman

I went to a craft fair on Friday, and for $5.00 admission, I had a great time. I love supporting the work of local crafters and artists, and the creative atmosphere at the fair inspires me with ideas.  I bought some nice handmade shortbread cookies and hot chocolate, and l saw the cutest craft that I could make at home and I wanted to share with you – a snowman ornament made from an l.e.d tea light.

I found this video which shows how easy it is to make a tealight snowman.  You can hang it as an ornament, or attach a name tag to it and use it as a place card for a guest at the table.   These lights can be bought at the dollar store, and this is an easy craft to make with children as long as they are supervised while using the glue gun.

photo credit: <a href=””>Bunches and Bits {Karina}</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>