Review of Week 8 – Go BIG With Going The Extra Mile

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I went BIG with going the extra mile, in the areas of communications and planning. I started a file of samples of designs and graphics and photos to pursue my future design goals. I also added one extra task each time I worked on a project or did research.

I learned that adding one extra task was extra helpful if I did it in advance – it was like filling the well before I was thirsty. Then when the unexpected tasks arose, there was no time crunch. Preparing a list and setting out what I needed ahead of time made it a breeze.

I learned that doing the extra bit was beneficial to others also, because I was prepared, and didn’t waste their time.

I also drank more water in flu season, and washed my hands often to minimize germs.

I am going to seek other ways to go the extra mile over the next ten months, so it will become a habit, and by setting my standards higher, I will learn to do things a little better.

Review of Week One – Thinking Big With My Career

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I read the book “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This’, by Kate White, editor of Cosmo, and learned to think big with my career plans with tips on going big with negotiating, managing, business practices, and standing out from the crowd.  I also learned the importance of going big with small details, like dress, accessories and stationary.

I also took Kate’s advice and joined Linkedin, and found a conference to sign up for, which I can blog about.  From bold moves on improving my blog and website, and improving the graphic design, to big ideas on brand identity, how- tos on  jazzy bios, visual promotion, press and marketing, I learned a big lesson on expansion.

Changing from small thinking to big thinking with my career this week made for a productive week in a BIG way! 


Review of Week 52- Optimizing Yourself – Report Card for Year of Optimizing Yourself

When I looked back on all the optimizing yourself topics of the year, I found a common thread among them all, and it was improving how I used my time.

My time on earth is short and precious, and a large percentage of it is already used up with sleeping,eating,showering and cleaning.

By setting goals for myself each week, I feel that I optimized the use of my time, and did more activities that I wanted to do, such as spend more time in nature, listening, reading, writing, playing, meditating, working, clearing clutter, visualizing, and being aware. I still have room for improvement on my goals, and will continue to work on them, but I am putting a gold star on my optimizing yourself report card this year, because I feel I came a long way towards achieving my life goals.

This year, I made a habit of optimizing the hours in my life, and added more life to my hours!

Optimizing Yourself – Week 52 – Dec 16 – 22, 2013 – Report Card for The Year of Optimizing Yourself


optimizing yourself report card

Otimizing Yourself Report Card

This week I am going to review the optimizing yourself topics during the past year, and give an update on how improving myself is going this year.  I continue to work on many of the weekly exercises, such as “read more books” beyond the week that I posted the topic, and throughout the year.  I will let you know what my report card for optimizing says next week, so you can see how I did. I Hope you have a great week!

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