Everyone Will Regret Not Saying This

An 'I love you' call

An ‘I love you’ call

The distinctive voice on my answering machine is my brother’s: “no need to call me back, this is an ‘I LOVE YOU’ call”.


He knows it is not possible to say I love you too many times.

He has been mentally and physically handicapped since he was one years’ old. He never had a partner, a wife, or children, but he phoned his mom every night when she was alive, and told her he loved her.

I am the youngest of his four siblings. He often sends me and my sister ‘I love you’ text messages with smiley emoticons and kisses 🙂

He knows it is impossible to overuse the words ‘I love you’, because he’s smart, and realizes that some of the people he used to say it to are no longer here.

Don’t be afraid to say these words, everyone likes to hear them, and you won’t regret it.

photo credit: Toni Blay via photopin cc