Review of Week 11 – Go BIG with Eating 6 Small Meals a Day

For this week’s optimizing yourself exercise, I ate six small regularly scheduled meals a day instead of three big meals. For the first four days, it felt like an inconvenience to stop and prepare so many small meals when I didn’t feel hungry, but as I continued to follow the schedule, by the fifth day, I felt the difference.

I started to feel more energy, and was able to take my dog on longer walks, and I didn’t feel dizzy once, yet I didn’t need to snack because I never got hungry. I also ate healthier food, like eggs and vegetables and fruit, instead of getting hungry and eating heavy food.

After only one week of establishing this routine, I was feeling better and more balanced, and I am going to continue on with this new routine and make it a habit.

Bettering Yourself – Week 11 – Mar 11-17, 2013 – Schedule Playtime First

Schedule in Play Time

Schedule in Play Time


As a continuation of the procrastination theme, this week, I am working on scheduling my play time and working my duties around that.

Sometimes we get stuck in our routine, and neglect to schedule in activities to look forward to, so we tend to procrastinate to escape the routine.  This week I am going to look into what enjoyable activities I can slot into my schedule in advance, so I take some time out to enjoy some fun activities as the nice weather comes. 

That way, I will also impose a deadline to get my work done, so I can have some fun after.

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