Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts for 2013

gift giving angel

gift giving angel

Here are some gift ideas for the dad who still has every mug and tie and book from Father’s Days past…

1. A million dollars – haha, kidding, but some lottery tickets might be nice.

2. A shaving kit. When was the last time he updated his razor technology?

3. Tools, like a dremel saw or high powered flashlight, or a car cleaning kit.

4. Your undivided love and attention. Listen to his old stories and create some new ones.

5. Take him to a movie – Today’s new releases are from his era – Star Trek, or Superman.

6. Do something he hasn’t done in years – go fishing,to a car show, antique shopping – strolling down memory lane together is good for the soul.

7. Let him pick the restaurant – fish and chips, gourmet burgers, or sushi.

8. A t-shirt – either a funny one with “National Bank of Dad” on it, or a cool one for the rock star dad with his favorite band on it– The Beatles, The Stones, or U2.

9. Ease his pain – a new pillow, a foot massager, insoles, or microwavable heating pad for his back.

10. A bathrobe – simple and luxurious.