Oprah’s Garage Sale and Vancouver Visit


Ann and her sister with Faux-prah at Oprah in Vancouver Photo courtesy of Virgin Radio Vancouver

Ann and her sister with Faux-prah at Oprah in Vancouver
Photo courtesy of Virgin Radio Vancouver

You don’t usually find a pair of $700.00 French country nightstands at a garage sale, but Oprah Winfrey’s garage sale isn’t your usual garage sale. She is selling off many of her former favorite things in Santa Barbara this weekend, to fund a college education for girls at a school she set up in South Africa. You can shop in person in Santa Barbara, or bid on-line.

When Oprah came to Vancouver last January, she spoke to us in the audience about the underprivledged girls, many of whom had lost one or both parents, and many of whom were staying at Oprah’s house with her until they went off to college in the United States. Here is a re-post of my blog about the day I saw Oprah in Vancouver last January.

My sister and I were fortunate to count ourselves among the 16,000 fans at Rogers Arena in Vancouver last night, who gave Oprah Winfrey a standing ovation, to thank her for being an inspiration in our lives for the past 25 years.

She started the evening’s show by asking the audience: “Why are You Here?”

She says we all have a calling, and our job is to figure out what that calling is.  To figure out our calling, she says we have to look at the common thread that runs through our lives.  What have you done for yourself and others that makes a difference?  She says we must use our purpose in life to help ourselves first, and then to serve others, as the ultimate purpose of life is to serve others.

– Getting Paid:

Oprah says we must answer our calling, to realize our potential and to help others, even if we don’t get paid for it.  But, if we CAN get paid to do our calling, that’s even better.

– How Do You Know When To Act?:

Listen to the whispers in your head, as they are telling you what you should do.  If you ignore this inner voice, it will become like pebbles hitting your head, and if you continue to ignore it, it will eventually become a tsunami. Your thoughts create what you become, and you are responsible for your thoughts and your own life, so don’t wait for others to make things happen for you.

– How To Paint The Canvas That is Your Life:

She says your thoughts are creating who you want to become.  To become what you believe you must work hard, to prepare yourself to grab opportunities when they arise.  Oprah believes there is no such thing as luck – everything happens for a reason.  You create your life with your thoughts, actions, and intentions.

Oprah entertained the crowd for two hours by taking them on a guided photo, video and speaking tour of her life, which was sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, and mostly inspirational.  She described how she discovered her life’s calling – “talking to crowds”, as a child, by speaking to the congregation in her church.

She said she always saw her calling as being a “teacher”. But, like her garage sales, her classrooms are not your usual classrooms. In Vancouver, she was talking to a stadium classroom with 16,000 students.

Sign up here before bidding: http://t.co/zKlFNSPn5n
For Oprah’s garage sale info: http://www.kaminskiauctions.com/

What is Your Calling and Your Purpose in Life?


Suddenly you know your purpose

Suddenly you know your purpose

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”

George Bernard Shaw

Everyone wants to make a difference,  but how do you recognize your calling and your purpose in life?

Your calling is WHAT you have been called to do. You are good at it, time flies when you’re doing it, and you may be lucky enough to earn your living at it. It may be different from your job,(surveys show that 80 percent of people are unhappy at their jobs).

You know deep inside what your calling is.  No one else can tell you what it is. There is no list of callings, because you are unique, and your calling may not exist until you create it.

Your purpose is WHY you are here. You don’t need to find your purpose, says spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, because it isn’t lost, it has always been with you; you only need to recognize it. It’s something only you can do – It may be something you already do well, and don’t realize it, like being a mom.

Eckhart Tolle says: you have to “awaken” to your life’s purpose. Your purpose involves serving yourself and others in some way. It is letting the power come through you like a light, and it is an “awakened doing with great presence.” And, only you know what it is that is shining through you.

You will use your special talents and gifts to contribute to the world. and will greatly enjoy doing what is your true purpose, says Eckhart, “and it is not based on desire, or an egoic means to an end, it is totally based on enjoyment”.  He says it’s not simply “doing”, but “awakened doing” that will bring great presence into your everyday life. 

There is a lot of inner power when you recognize what you are supposed to do and why you are here.