The Sequence of Selling

sequence of selling

Selling Takes Personal Engagement

I am trying to learn how to sell, and a friend went to a conversion summit where Ryan Deiss spoke. (James Altucher had him on his podcast #225 about college).

She said Ryan said the most important thing about conversions for your business is the SEQUENCE. He says people are skipping steps and you can’t skip steps or it won’t work.

Here are his 8 steps to selling to a customer in sequence:

1) Awareness of your existence, an ad, connecting on Facebook.

2) Engagement – creating content that will engage people with you – blog, video, Facebook Live

3) Subscribe – gated content created so they have to give their information to subscribe to email list.

4) Convert – the prospect gives you time or money. You’ve got people interested and working with you.

5) Excite – When the person gets value from the transaction – you give your best. The person has bought something from you and now you are going to meet them in person or on direct messaging. Bring your “A” game to the meeting, treat it like a first date, dress sharp. You have to impress and give value to the person. Be at your utmost best

6) Ascend – they’re excited to the point where they’re ascending – they continue to buy from you, and buy more, and you send your high end products to them, for example if you work for a Multi-level marketing company, people see value.

7) Advocate – When a customer is happy with you, they give a testimonial, and they are happy to say good things about you.

8) Promote – When the person is willing to refer you, they will tell friends and colleagues that you are good. You’ve nailed it with a person that started out as a stranger!

Conversions – the sequence is important, like in any relationship, don’t skip stages and burn bridges.

photo  Unsplash/  Jens Johnsson