Why Raw Honey Is The Answer to Everything

Raw Honey Is Funny


If Food be thy medicine, honey is the cure-all. There’s nothing it cannot do!

Drizzle it everywhere – up your nose if it’s stuffed, down your throat if it’s dry.

Toss all your hair products! Douse your dandruff and mix it with castille soap for shampoo. Put highlights in your hair with honey and a pinch of cinnamon and olive oil stuck on for 6 hours. Pair it with olive oil to make a conditioner, and stop frizz by adding a teaspoon to your rinse water.

Big Pharma will soon be on its bees knees! It cures hang-overs, dark under eye circles, bad breath, warts and acne.

Proctor and Gamble no more as honey is the sweet new bubble bath, moisturizer and massage oil. Unwanted hair vanishes when you mix honey with sugar and lemon juice on cloth strips. Stimulate hair growth by applying one part honey and 9 parts water to your scalp for 3 hours. A 1:1:1 combo of honey, sugar and olive oil makes a skin scrub.

It helps you sleep, and helps you wake up!

And best of all, it never goes bad!

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The Power of Music

Sometimes there is no cure for a person’s illness, and we are can only find ways to treat them with kindness and compassion to ease their suffering.  A  few years ago, as my mom’s illness progressed, she went to a hospice for comfort care.

She always loved music, so we continued to play music for her while she was there.

It transported her to a happier time, when she was free from illness.

One day she had a wonderful visitor knocked on her door.

I was sitting by her bedside and I noticed he was carrying a guitar.  He asked if mom would like him to sing for her. “Would she ever!” I replied. ‘She would love it!’

Music had been a constant source of joy throughout mom’s life.

She was no longer able to sing, or even speak or open her eyes, but she could gesture and squeeze my hand to show she understood me.  They say hearing is one of the last senses to go before death.

The soft spoken man settled into the love seat beside her bed, and began singing a gentle serenade of sweetness.  I felt her grip tighten on my hand, and for that moment, she forgot her suffering, and surrendered to the divine sound.

It was like the voice of an angel had transcended all barriers, with an elixir of peace and love.

His kindness came at the perfect time – she passed away two days later. He had made her happy, and it made me happy to knowing her soul had heard such sweet kindness.


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