To My Dear Blog Readers:

Celebrate today

Celebrate today

I wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday, and, when the stress of hustle and bustle subsides, the time and energy to savor all the special moments, as you love, and be loved.

When we exchange gifts, we share ourselves – our time, our energy, our money, and our love. When we make our gifts, we give the best gift ever – our talent, expressed in a homemade card or cookies, cooking Christmas dinner, or building a snowman on the lawn.

We reflect back on Christmases past, and look forward to the New Year, but the best time in our lives is now.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” Alice Morse Earle

As you exchange gifts this holiday season, enjoy some quiet time to celebrate the gift of today.


Ann Hoy

the gift of a snowman

A Snowman Is A Gift for the neighbourhood

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What is Your Favorite Holiday Decoration?

My Favorite Holiday Decoration

My Favorite Holiday Decoration

Sometimes our favorite holiday decorations are not the ones that cost the most money, or fit into a designer color scheme.  They are often the ones that catch us by surprise, and melt our hearts, because they were made with love by the hands of a child, who is so excited to give them to us, that their love lingers on years after we have received the gift.

My favorite holiday decoration is a wreath my son made me in his grade 7 class out of green garbage bags!  It is pictured here on my front door where it has been proudly displayed each Christmas!  Money couldn’t buy such a precious gift.

Here’s how he made it:

He bent a metal coat hanger into a circle with his hands and left the hook on top for hanging.

Then he cut the seams off a green garbage bag and cut the bag into strips 4 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Next, he tied the first garbage bag strip to the wire frame with a double knot and pushed it to the bottom of the hook, with the ends of the plastic being the same length .

Then he  continued tying strips of trash bag to the frame until it was completely covered, pushing the strips tightly against one another as he worked.

Next, he fluffed the garbage bag strips once the wreath was covered, making it appear full. With a glue gun, he glued small ornaments to the wreath and hung it on the door with the hook!

Please share your favorite holiday decoration with us, and any tips on how to make it, by hitting the reply or comment button on the blog. Thanks.

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