To My Dear Blog Readers:

Celebrate today

Celebrate today

I wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday, and, when the stress of hustle and bustle subsides, the time and energy to savor all the special moments, as you love, and be loved.

When we exchange gifts, we share ourselves – our time, our energy, our money, and our love. When we make our gifts, we give the best gift ever – our talent, expressed in a homemade card or cookies, cooking Christmas dinner, or building a snowman on the lawn.

We reflect back on Christmases past, and look forward to the New Year, but the best time in our lives is now.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” Alice Morse Earle

As you exchange gifts this holiday season, enjoy some quiet time to celebrate the gift of today.


Ann Hoy

the gift of a snowman

A Snowman Is A Gift for the neighbourhood

photo: photo pin

Review of week 12 – Bettering Yourself – Enjoy Silent Time

Silent time transports you to beautiful places in your mind

Quiet time transports you to beautiful places in your mind

For this week’s bettering yourself exercise, I enjoyed some silent time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I am posting this review late, because my internet was out for a few days, but it’s working fine now.

I enjoyed my own company sitting in silence I thought I might feel lonely, but instead I felt peaceful.

My thoughts started slowing down, and after a few minutes of sitting quietly, my thoughts about what I had to do didn’t seem so important, and I enjoyed the empty space and the rest. I also dreamt about beautiful places like the beach and Paris.

The best thing was, by calming my mind, my to-do list somehow got sorted into priority sequence with no effort on my part. Once I stopped stressing about my little problems, and calming down, I looked at the problems from a different perspective and the important tasks came to the forefront, and the minor tasks lost their significance.

photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc