The Teething of Writers

Teething of Writers

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What would happen if we quit every time it was hard to learn a skill?

Like writing. When my writing is stuck, I feel frozen.

If at first I don’t write something good, I try,try, again, like a masochist who keeps going to the dentist for the pain.

I stress out that my writing won’t resonate with anyone, and throw crumpled papers on the floor.

My dentist’s receptionist says she enjoys reading my blog, so does the hygienist; I don’t want to clean other people’s teeth — but if they love to do it, that’s the coolest job in the world.

As babies we suffer through the agonizing process of teething, until swollen gums and screams are replaced by toothy smiles. As we grow, those teeth become loose, and make way for bigger, stronger ones. Similar to the process of becoming a writer.

You must endure the pain of doing bad writing in order to get better.

Start somewhere. Start anywhere. Start where you are, with what you have.

That’s how you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t pass judgement.

Be fearless.

Miles Davis said:

“Do not fear mistakes, there are none.”

Keep writing even if nobody likes what you write. Even if YOU don’t like what you write. Don’t give up.

Don’t lie in bed worrying that your creativity is gone. That will leave holes in you like the ones left by your wisdom teeth.

Don’t wait for a muse to inspire you. The tooth fairy for adults is busy…simply start writing!

Writing isn’t supposed to be perfect, or forced.

If you try to force your writing, it will knock your teeth out.

“Great works are not performed by strength, but by perseverance.”

– Samuel Johnson

You can be boring, discouraged, and full of writer’s envy, but hold on to your vision to write anyways.

Your self-critic accuses you of having nothing interesting to write and asks: “Who do you think you are?”

You don’t have to be the greatest writer that ever lived to write something.

At the moment the writing struggle starts to wear you out, you develop a resiliency that renews you, and inspiration does the writing for you. Then you are fit for the next writing challenge.

Bad times fade. Take a snow day to read a book and get unstuck.

You gain momentum to get you back to stardust and wonder.

It’s like finally finding your pen in the snow. Bringing it inside warms the ink. You draw a scribble to test it, and the melted ink oozes freely.

A voice says: “change that, copy someone you admire, use your voice, even if it is immature, or rusty, or shy. Right now. Where you are.”

After all, Nobody else has ever written it quite like You, nor ever will.

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Happy New Year 2014! – 52 Weeks to Optimizing Yourself – Week One

Happy 2014

Happy 2014

The next 52 weeks are filled with promise. A new year’s resolution is a promise to yourself, to start doing something you want to do, or stop doing something you don’t want to do. With a positive attitude and a sense of well-being, I hope you will have a year of optimizing yourself.

A year can feel like an eternity to commit to a goal. We are always evolving, and our goals are always changing too.

The goal you set at the start of the year may lose its’ urgency by the end of the year.

As I reflect back on my 52 weeks of optimizing yourself for 2013, I sometimes found it difficult to work on my goals for even one week, but by setting the goal, I remembered to work on it for the rest of the year, while also working toward other goals, because many of my goals are linked together.

This year, with a brand new 52 weeks of optimizing yourself ahead of me, I am going to create a habit of thinking big to achieve my goals, because I already know what happens when I think small.
This year I am choosing to go big or go home!

Innovators dare to think big:

Some men look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of
things that are not and ask why not? -Robert Kennedy

For some of my life goals, I already think big, but other times I settle for less than reaching my full potential. Since I have nothing to lose by thinking big in all my goals, and potentially much to gain, I feel I owe it to myself to try.

Jumping off my comfortable path will help me build momentum to move forward and experiment.

By forming new ways to reach my goals each week, I will try something different to see if I get a different result.

For week one, I am going to note down all the goals that I need to think big on, and as the 52 weeks unfold, begin working on each one to continue to optimize myself. I will let you know how it goes next week.

I am wishing everyone a year filled with peace and love, and may your reality be health and happiness in 2014!

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Review of Bettering Yourself Week 10 – Stop Procrastinating

 For Bettering Yourself this week, I learned how to stop procrastinating.

I conquered the procrastination habit this week, by starting five income tax returns for my family.  My son helped me prepare two of them using Turbo Tax software, I had one that was complicated professionally prepared, and I prepared two of my son’s returns from last year manually on the long form. I felt a sense of relief when all five returns were mailed off by the end of the week.

Getting started was the key, and setting a  deadline to let you know how it went gave me the motivation to finish them.